Safer Pain Management Without Risk of Addiction

You’ve heard of these drugs before……hydrocodone and oxycodone—to treat pain sometimes experienced from frequent migraine headaches. Mainy can be on a pain regimen involving the drugs Percocet and Demerol. But at what cost?  These drugs often lead down a path of pain killer addiction. What other options do you have?

theramine alternative pain treatment Safer Pain Management Without Risk of Addiction

Theramine – alternative pain treatment

You know we love featuring alternatives to your typical doctor and his trigger happy ability to prescribe NSAIDs & narcotics. We heard about a natural alternative called Theramine and decided to take a look for ourselves at how well it works. This alternative works for many with chronic pain. It has been deemed a “medical food” as its ingredients are natural and have medicinal properties. It’s ingredients include amino acids and other natural ingredients like cinnamon and grape seed extract. The compound works to relieve pain in two ways:

  • by inhibiting the communication of pain signals between nerves and the brain
  • by reducing inflammation

The claims of medical foods must be supported by clinical studies, unlike dietary supplements or nutraceuticals, which can’t make disease claims and don’t require clinical studies, he added. Through its cellular technology, theramine was created to focus on target precursors to neurotransmitters involved in pain and inflammation (acetylcholine, histamine, serotonin, D-serine, and nitric oxide). I know I would rather take something like this any day compared to a drug that I need a prescription for.  We believe this is a perfect alternative pain management to your prescription medication and you should try it out.

If you want to read the actual studies that review these claims take a look here:

A double-blind controlled trial of a single dose naproxen and an amino acid medical food Theramine for the treatment of low back pain.” William E. Shell MD, Elizabeth Charuvastra RN, Lawrence May MD, Debora H. Bullias BS CRA, David S. Silver MD. American Journal of Therapeutics (Volume 19); Published online: March 2012.

Theramine vs. Ibuprofen for the safe and effective management of chronic low back pain and Inflammation” William E. Shell MD, David S. Silver MD, Fred McCall-Perez PhD, Stephanie Pavlik CRA. The Karen Rieder Federal Nursing Poster Session in conjunction with the 118th Annual Meeting of AMSUS in Phoenix, Arizona. – for more information

Alternative Medical Researchers Should Focus On Alternative Medicine

medical researcher Alternative Medical Researchers Should Focus On Alternative Medicine

In the United States, pharmacologists, research oncologists, and other medical researchers are looking to tackle the big medical problems: how to cure cancer, develop new medicines, and discover new cures to diseases like AIDS and diabetes. However, more alternative medical researchers should be focusing on alternative medicine in a hope that they can bring some alternative cures into the mainstream market.

Many alternative cures for acne, stress, and other minute medical problems are homemade. For example, some of the recommended alternative cures for acne include covering the face with egg whites, natural oils (some of which are normally used for cooking), or baking soda. In addition, some alternative cures for acne can be as simple as changing one’s diet from a sugar-based carbohydrates diet to a vegan diet filled with natural fruits and vegetables.

The problem with homemade cures, however, is that setup and preparing for the treatment is time-consuming. People want to go to the store, purchase an acne-healing product, and apply it within minutes. Cracking eggs, separating the whites, and applying it to the face takes more time and effort than an acne cream or face pad that’s manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. Members of this automated, modernized society that we live in today want quick one-stop fixes to simple problems. Nobody wants to spend 20 minutes of their day preparing and applying a homemade acne treatment, which is why nobody does. Most people either see a dermatologist or use a commercial treatment.

Commercial pharmaceutical companies should take note that most people aren’t using alternative acne cures. If these commercial companies put some of their researchers to work on developing a cream using the active ingredients found in alternative cures such as baking soda or egg whites, they would be much more respected amongst the health-conscious alternative medicine population. Instead of using harmful chemicals such as benzyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria, they would be using natural ingredients that people know and trust.

I am not suggesting that medical researchers discover new treatments by studying alternative medicine. I’m merely suggesting that they go back to the basics and find ways to package things like baking soda, egg whites, and oil treatments for commercial distribution. If these treatments are proven to heal acne, then researchers should focus less on refining the Proactiv formula and focus more on how to package these products for commercial sale.

Medical Qigong: Alternative Medicine’s Little Secret

medical qigong Medical Qigong: Alternative Medicines Little Secret

In the field of Alternative Medicine there are numerous different branches that have been found to be very effective. Many of these branches stem from traditional Chinese Medicine such as Tai Chi, Yoga, and Acupuncture.

There is another branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is starting to gain some traction in the US. Medical Qigong. The correct pronunciation is “chee-kung,” a direct translation of this phrase means, “energy of life”

Qigong has been practiced and studied in China for generations. This is practiced in China much in the same way that we practice Yoga in the US. The benefits are well known and people of all ages and skill levels practice Qigong in China today

One of the key differences is that in order for Qigong to be implemented properly a skilled and disciplined Qigong practitioner is at the center of every session. The training takes years to complete, they not only learn about anatomy and physiology, they also learn how to cultivate their own energy through years of practice.

Qigong is used to address many different health concerns. The elimination of physical and emotional stress, anxiety, and depression is one use for Qigong. However many patients have found relief from issues such as headaches, high blood pressure, and pain management. With this discipline the patient plays as much importance in the role as the practitioner. Relief may happen very quickly and have long lasting effects, or the process may take time in developing. A lot of this depends on the sensitivity of the patient, and the skill of the Qigong practitioner.

This little known technique may be available at reputable and licensed acupuncture specialists. Be sure to check around your city to find someone that is licensed and has taken enough clinical hours to be certified from a reputable educational body such as the International College of Medical Qigong.

Why Acupuncture Works

acupuncture Why Acupuncture WorksAcupuncture uses language like qi, yin, and meridians. These terminologies date back to over 3,000 years ago from a time in which disecting humans to learn knowledge of how the human bodies did not exist. In other words from a Medical standpoint, from a time of ignorance. Yet the practice is still used today and is even being embraced by many different traditional medicine practioners, especially for pain management. So why then does it work?

There are several different reasons why it may work. To start let’s look at the nerves and then go down the list from there.We will use Acupuncture for pain management in the following examples.

The Gate Control Theory is a theory developed in the 1960′s. Essentially the foundation behind the theory is that pain is sent from tiny bundles of nerves through larger bundles of nerves to the brain where the signal is interpreted as pain. When a small bundle of nerves experiences slight cold or warmth for instance there is an inhibitor in place blocking the signal of pain from entering the large bundles of nerves therefore no pain is detected. When pain comes in however the small nerve bundles overwhelm the large bundles ability to inhibit the pain sensation and we perceive pain. The theory behind acupuncture is to stimulate the large bundles of nerves that would normally transmit the pain signal, to send out the inhibitors so that we do not experience the pain. To put it in layman’s terms, when we bump our elbow, our reaction is to rub the spot we hit, by stimulating nerves that surround our source of pain, the pain dissipates faster.

Another theory is the release of endorphins. Our body releases these when we eat chocolate, or eat food when we are very hungry, during sex, and on long distance runs to mention a few. These levels can be tracked in our blood in a laboratory setting. Shortly after acupuncture treatment there is a noticeable increase in endorphins detected in patients that just had acupuncture practiced on them.

In the 1950′s a theory called nerve reflex was studied. The theory proposes that the epidermis is connected to the bodies internal organs via the viscero-cutaneous reflex. The thought is that by stimulating this reflex with needles you can change the flow of blood to and surrounding the stomach which is the primary cause of  nausea and vomiting in patients dealing with chemotherapy.

Of course the word “placebo” has to be mentioned in this article. The Placebo affect however is something that is demonstrable, as the blood flow can be seen changing in the cortices of the brain with a patient that was given a placebo. So the fact remains that there is medical evidence that the placebo effect works well on some patients and not as well on others. So if a patient happens to be in the category of patients that respond well to placebo this may to an extent account for at least some of the success in acupuncture.

Our final theory is that the simple act of human touch can be therapeutic in and of itself. Similar to the same way that a crying baby can be soothed by the nurturing touch of her mother, acupuncture employs the touch of an individual delivering touch to our bodies with the sole intent to heal us. Our Western society is so disassociated from healing touch, so that when brought into the right context this can have a major benefit to our needs. The can be seen  in studies where toothpicks are used instead of needles, and no puncturing of the skin takes place. The test subjects showed positive results without the use of needles. The commonality is the practice of acupuncture itself. The ritualistic nature and the constancy of human touch.

The truth is we don’t know why acupuncture works but we do know that is does work. So why argue with something that works? If all the science in the world can’t tell you otherwise, maybe you should look into it yourself.

Some Practioners of Alternative Medicine May Do More Harm Than Good

 Some Practioners of Alternative Medicine May Do More Harm Than GoodThere are many reasons why people turn away from traditional medicine. One reason is that Doctor’s tend to treat the disease not the patient. A doctor typically looks at a patient’s chart. Then comes in the room and spends 2 minutes with the patient, then hurries off to the next chart. It kind of gives you the feeling that you aren’t very important. As well in this day and age many doctor’s treat the symptoms of the disease rather than trying to find the reason the disease exists, then correcting this action. In many cases the disease may be caused by an unhealthy diet on the part of the patient. The doctor may say something like. You need to lose weight, right before scurrying along to the next chart and two minute session with a patient.

Additionally Big Pharma is a BIG industry. They are in charge of the majority of a doctor’s post medical school education. Be it by pamphlets of a new drug or an invitation to an expensive dinner that has a presentation done by a doctor that is paid by the pharmaceutical company to promote their drug.

So in a very real sense Big Pharma and the doctor’s are in collusion with each other just to make money. Which when coupled with the impersonality and clinical feel of the doctor’s office itself leads one to the conclusion that there must be a better way.

The caveat is that Alternative medicine itself is a $34 Billion Dollar a year industry. An industry which uses lawsuits, lobbyists and friendly legislators to leverage some powerful legislation to allow them to continue making money as easily as possible. On thing these lobbyist are fighting to avoid is the necessity for the FDA to approve supplements before they go to market. As it stands today the FDA is in a reactive roll. In order to remove a supplement from shelves, first numerous people must get ill or die before they can remove the harmful product from the shelves.

There are good doctor’s out there. There are good alternative medicine practitioners, and there are bad on each side as well. Many providers of the supplements put in modern medicine ingredients. Hundreds of different brands put in the active ingredient of Viagra or Vidox in their sexual treatment supplements. Wow they really work! Hundreds of different products use the active ingredients in leading traditional diet pills in their weight loss supplements, Wow they too are effective. And just because something comes from a  plant doesn’t mean it is safe. Many poisons are plant based. And nearly 1/3 of pharmaceuticals on the market today are plant based.

 Some Practioners of Alternative Medicine May Do More Harm Than GoodProbably the most famous case of misuse of alternative medicine comes in the case of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He was diagnosed with one of the only curable cases of Pancreatic cancer. The recovery rate when detected early as his was is close to 100% if swift action is taken. He weighed his options and chose acupuncture, and went on an all juice diet. 9 months later with a failing liver, he got a liver transplant and underwent the surgery. At this time his survival rate was down to less than 10%. He didn’t beat those odds.

So the question then is just what is the right approach? Modern Medicine or Alternative Medicine? If you choose to stand holistically on one side or the other and chastise the other for their glaring weaknesses, you are wrong. The answer is neither, and both. The truth is that we all have to take our health in our own hands. Look at the illness, then decide the best course. If you have a rare cancer that was detected early and the doctors tell you that you have a 95% chance of full recovery if you follow their advice. Those are pretty good odds, you might want to think about taking those. But if they tell you that even with treatment you have only a 14% chance, while your alternative medicine practitioner is saying that a diet of cabbage juice has shown improvement in cases like yours, then give it a shot. The most important thing is that you believe in the treatment that you choose. The mind is a powerful healing tool. Don’t choose one course or the other halfheartedly.

If a 300 pound individual is going to their PCP and complaining of skin puffiness, and fatigue, and the doctor gives them some pills, suggest they lose a little weight and sends them on their merry weigh to KFC. Well that individual isnt really concerned with their health so maybe the cream they got will clear that up for them in the short term. In this case some alternative treatments are in order for the patient for their long term continuing health. Take your own health into your own hands. Make informed decisions, use modern medicine to your full benefit, see it for the errors it has, use it for your own good, do the same with alternative medicine. Be holistic in your outlook on health and it will serve you well in the future.

How to Stick With an Exercise Program

One of the most significant contributors for an unhealthy lifestyle and cardiovascular disease is leading a sedentary or inactive life. This means getting little or no exercise. The good news is that is a risk factor that can be controlled. There are risk factors like heredity that are out of your control, but when it comes to personal fitness, the only person on the planet in charge of this is you.

exercise program How to Stick With an Exercise Program

Sticking to an Exercise Program may not be as hard as you think.

What are some of the expected benefits of starting and sticking with an exercise routine?

  • Increased Energy
  • Strengthening your heart
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved efficiency of oxygen use in your body
  • Improved self image and self esteem
  • Reduction of stress
  • Sleep better
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Feel more relaxed and rested
  • Improved endurance
  • Increased Muscle Tone and strength
  • Improved balance
  • Better flexibility
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Strengthen bones
  • Reach a healthy weight

Before getting started make sure to speak with your doctor about the following:

  • Heavy lifting – For some individuals with heart conditions, initially this type of exercise can be too much to take on. Make sure the program you choose is approved by your doctor.
  • Changes in medication – Any new medications may make a drastic change in your ability to exercise, consult with your doctor after any changes in medication.
  • Exercise Safely – Let your doctor know what program you choose before you begin, he will let you know if any part of the program is off limits for you.

There are essentially three key elements that every exercise session should cover.

  1. Warm-up – Take a few minutes before beginning any routine to get the blood flowing to the muscle groups that are going to be affected during the routine. This will help reduce the stress on your heart as you ease into the exercise.
  2. Workout – This is the main part of the workout. In this section of the workout the intensity level should be moderate, we are trying to get the heart rate up and keep it there for 20 to 30 minutes. Be sure to monitor your heart rate and take a break if you need to.
  3. Cool-down – In this critical section of the exercise, just reduce the intensity of the exercise that you are doing in the workout. Do Not sit down, lay down, or stand still in this phase. Allow your heart rate to return to near resting before completing the exercise.

warmup workout cooldown How to Stick With an Exercise Program

Now that you have chosen an exercise program how can you stick with it? Some of the following tips may help you stick it out for the long haul and reach the results you are after.

  • The most important thing is to Have Fun! You have a higher chance of sticking with it if it is something you love to do.
  • Find out what physical activities you enjoy most.
  • Do you prefer individual or group activities?
  • Be mindful of your physical ailments that limit your physical activities
  • Choose a program that works with your schedule
  • Set goals for yourself such as weight loss, muscle conditioning, or increased flexibility
  • Find a friend that can work out with you.
  • Make exercising part of your daily routine. Do it at the same time every day. In this way it will become a part of your lifestyle.

Making a lasting change is more about changing your lifestyle than it is about having the discipline to do something you hate for 90 days, then quitting and going right back to where you were when you started. It is less about making a quick noticeable change, rather more about making a change for a better quality of life. When the aesthetic changes happen they are a byproduct of your increased quality of life, and not the end result. By viewing exercise in this way it tends to last longer than programs that get 20 pounds off then you just quit.



Can the Vegan Diet Cure Type II Diabetes?

diabetes Can the Vegan Diet Cure Type II Diabetes?

Can Vegan Diet turn back the Diabetes Clock?

The claim has been made by many dieticians that a vegan diet can cure Type II Diabetes. In some cases this can be true. While there can be some truth to this claim it typically all comes back to the old reliable, “diet and exercise” While curing Type II Diabetes may not be possible for everyone, it may certainly mitigate the side effects often associated with the condition.

These beneficial results are attributed to the fact that this diet help to maintain a healthy body weight. By maintaining a healthy body weight and maintaining tighter controls on blood sugar levels via stable caloric intakes, one can help the body become more responsive to insulin.

VeganDiet Post Can the Vegan Diet Cure Type II Diabetes?

Veggies to the Rescue!

  • Better Control of Blood Sugar Level – Since the staples of the vegan diet are increasing the intake of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, grains, and berries, individuals that strictly follow this diet have a much easier time maintaining blood sugar levels, due to this stability, many times the necessary medications can be reduced and even eliminated.
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease – Since a strict Vegan diet is cholesterol-free, low in saturated fats, and high in soluble fiber, the Vegan diet is one of the best heart healthy diets available. By helping increase heart health one can help stave off cardiovascular disease which is a common side effect of Type II Diabetes.
  • Healthier Body Weight or (BMI) – The Vegan diet is typically considerably lower on the caloric intake when compared to its non vegetarian counterpart.  Due to this difference most often a person that follows the Vegan lifestyle will typically have a lower BMI than someone that sticks with a non vegetarian alternative diet. By maintaining a healthy body weight it is much easier to keep blood sugar levels under control.

When thinking about going on a new diet it is always best to talk with a qualified dietitian, by doing so an individual can create a meal plan that works with their schedule, finances, and willingness to make changes in their lives. After the consultation it will be easier to make a decision if this diet is right for you or not.

What is Homeopathy?

what is homeopathy What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicinal treatment that involves using extremely diluted substances, which are primarily ingested in tablet form; the goal is to trigger the body’s natural healing system. Depending on the symptoms that are presenting, the homeopath will then decide which medicine will be needed for the treatment of the symptom.

The basic idea behind homeopathy is treating a “like with a like” Let’s first look at how this concept is used in modern medicine. A treatment for many allergy patients is to introduce minute amounts of pollen into their system via medication. Overtime this will build up the patient’s resistance to the pollen and their severe allergies will become a thing of the past. Another example is that the common treatment for children with ADHD is to give them a stimulant, Ritalin. Time and time again the treatment of “like with a like” can be found in modern medicine. In the case of homeopathy let’s look at a common treatment. First let’s look at the symptom. Let’s say the patient is suffering from sleeplessness and agitation. What naturally occurring substance could cause this? Drinking too much coffee can cause this, caffeinated coffee that is. So the treatment for these symptoms is minute doses of coffee, which in turn alleviate the symptoms of sleeplessness and agitation. The key difference in homeopathy and traditional medicine is that the dilutions are in ultra high doses which make the medicines non toxic.

These remedies are prepared by pharmacists that specialize in homeopathy. They implement a process which carefully uses dilution and succession. Succession is a process of vigorous shaking. Modern science can not yet explain how these remedies work, yet time and again the effectiveness has been proven in laboratory conditions. For instance thyroxine, which is a hormone found in frogs can be prepared as a homeopathic remedy that can dramatically slow down the metamorphosis of tiny tadpoles into adult frogs.

It is theorized that through the dilution and succession of the homeopathic process causes an interaction with the water and alcohol and the original material that it is mixed with. By doing this now structures are formed, these structures called nanostructures are the active ingredient.

The German doctor Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy. He was appalled at the treatments of the day such as blood-letting, purging, and wide spread use of poisons such as mercury and arsenic. The toxicity of many of the medicines of the day was of grave concern to him. He began experimenting on himself and other healthy patients with lower and lower doses of the medicines of the day. He found that many times, the lower doses caused fewer side effects and were more effective the lower the dose.

Further research found that medicines that were showing effectiveness of the day caused the same side effects of the disease they were treating, such as Mercury treatment for those suffering from syphilis. From these observation sprung the “like with a like” theory and homeopathy was born.

Can the human body heal itself from anything?

the human body can heal itself Can the human body heal itself from anything?

Can the human body heal itself? At the very core of alternative medicine is the belief that the doctor should treat the patient not the disease. Yet another way to put this is that the modern medical community seem to be more focused on eliminating symptoms than they are interested in helping their patients achieve health. A healthy patient after all is not a patient that pays for treatment. By having all healthy patients a doctor makes very little money. Alternative medicine contrasts this approach by giving the human body what it needs to heal itself.

I recently heard an ad on the radio talking about how they have a new pill out that can target belly fat. This is just not true. You can not target belly fat. You can target fat in a generalized way and eventually the belly fat will start to go as well. The same holds true for any claims that a supplement may have or the claim that some food is a super food for your brain.

The old saying “The ankle bone is connected to the shin bone” really holds a great deal of value when dealing with alternative medicine. You can not eat a food that is horrible for your body yet is somehow good for your brain. Eating food that is good for your body must then have some benefit to your brain.

There is something to be said for the placebo effect however. This is not intended to preach on stopping taking supplements or about the cessation of eating super foods. Simply that our bodies are connected. You can not treat one part of the body and neglect others. This is what modern medicine attempts to do. In doing so through the use of medicine often times more problems are created.

Take a case in Seattle where a Grandmother was admitted with severe asthma. Because she was having an asthma the doctors put her on steroids. This caused her blood pressure to rise too high and give her vertigo. In order to treat this new ailment the doctors put her on a blood pressure medication. This now made her dizzy. While in the hospital hardly able to walk from the dizziness, her ankles swelled. The doctors put her on a water pill. This caused her potassium levels to bottom out. She was then prescribed potassium supplements. The doctor’s discovered that she was suffering from Osteoporosis so they started her on medication for that, which eventually caused gastric bleeding. The grandmother was quoted as saying “I came out sicker than I went in”

To be fair often times medicine is just what the doctor ordered. But just as often a medicine is prescribed to stop the side effects of another drug, which in turn causes a new side effect, and the cycle repeats.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the proper chance to do so.

Why is the US Killing Innovative Medical Devices in Taxation?

medical tax Why is the US Killing Innovative Medical Devices in Taxation?

The United States Of America has generally prided itself as being on the cutting edge of innovation and technological know-how. We have advanced significantly from the civil war, and treasure our self-image on remaining the society which offers the most desirable health care world-wide. However conditions are changing. Resulting from the suppressing legislation, and increased taxations on Medical Devices, most entrepreneurs are unable to get the funding they need to develop their devices.
To start with the guidelines were integrated one by one in an effort to make sure all new medical devices that went off to commercial world were suitable for the final customers. This essentially keeps with the “first do no harm”. This is seemingly noble, and it truly does sound right. And to be sure we are free from a number of medical devices which are laminated with lead paint or the like. The word of caution is that as each new rule and regulation was added, it became increasingly more difficult to get any of these medical devices through the program, also to market-place.
It follows that if we now have a method into position which makes it so that all modern medical device will have to past a huge number of qualifications, procedures, animal testing, or review organizations, that we will have the best and least risky products or services readily available on the free market today. Unhappily this is obviously just a wrong conception. A large number of our most advanced cutting edge medical devices are not even making a showing in the USA since the specifications, and the time-frame it takes to pass the reviews and regulations mean it is a costly and unprofitable risk. Probably the most rapid growth of markets in India is new medical devices.
Investors and Venture Capitalists are the engine that drives innovation. In the area of inventiveness, Silicon Valley is a gleaming demonstration of what we can achieve provided awarded the best suited resources. With venture capitalists advocating the brightest young brains in our country the breakthroughs that originated in Silicon Valley are widely known. Those entrepreneurs improved the face of our planet during the period of 2 whole decades.
Developments such as this are attainable in the medical field by creating essentially the most innovative medical devices in our historical past. The huge difference is that different than Silicon Valley, Investors and Venture Capitalists have even started to look at investing in medical devices as a terrible investment. The time-frame it requires to see profit is substantially all that long. Together with the likelihood that the work will get stamped out by a principle or specifications is becoming increasingly more unreasonable as the months or even years go on.
A decline in new and innovative medical devices has been a year to year circumstance. Both the last two years has experienced a 13% decrease in medical devices. The new medical devices taxes have put a serious damper in the marketplace as well. The tax is not on profits, it is solely calculated on revenue. This unjust practice is putting suffering businesses and organizations out of business.
Our innovators are forced to sell their devices to other markets. One developer created an iPhone app that can detect heart beats and diagnose arrhythmia s from a smart phone device. Due to regulatory committees, the producer is now selling the App to veterinarians. The regulations are much leaner in the field of veterinary care. In this case our animals have a better chance at quality, innovative care than we do.
While it is frightening that we are forcing our best and brightest to take care of our animals, the worse news is that most new innovative medical devices are going directly to India. We are robbing Peter to pay Paul, and drowning in a sea of red tape and bureaucratic malarkey.