Alternative Medical Researchers Should Focus On Alternative Medicine

medical researcher Alternative Medical Researchers Should Focus On Alternative Medicine

In the United States, pharmacologists, research oncologists, and other medical researchers are looking to tackle the big medical problems: how to cure cancer, develop new medicines, and discover new cures to diseases like AIDS and diabetes. However, more alternative medical researchers should be focusing on alternative medicine in a hope that they can bring some alternative cures into the mainstream market.

Many alternative cures for acne, stress, and other minute medical problems are homemade. For example, some of the recommended alternative cures for acne include covering the face with egg whites, natural oils (some of which are normally used for cooking), or baking soda. In addition, some alternative cures for acne can be as simple as changing one’s diet from a sugar-based carbohydrates diet to a vegan diet filled with natural fruits and vegetables.

The problem with homemade cures, however, is that setup and preparing for the treatment is time-consuming. People want to go to the store, purchase an acne-healing product, and apply it within minutes. Cracking eggs, separating the whites, and applying it to the face takes more time and effort than an acne cream or face pad that’s manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. Members of this automated, modernized society that we live in today want quick one-stop fixes to simple problems. Nobody wants to spend 20 minutes of their day preparing and applying a homemade acne treatment, which is why nobody does. Most people either see a dermatologist or use a commercial treatment.

Commercial pharmaceutical companies should take note that most people aren’t using alternative acne cures. If these commercial companies put some of their researchers to work on developing a cream using the active ingredients found in alternative cures such as baking soda or egg whites, they would be much more respected amongst the health-conscious alternative medicine population. Instead of using harmful chemicals such as benzyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria, they would be using natural ingredients that people know and trust.

I am not suggesting that medical researchers discover new treatments by studying alternative medicine. I’m merely suggesting that they go back to the basics and find ways to package things like baking soda, egg whites, and oil treatments for commercial distribution. If these treatments are proven to heal acne, then researchers should focus less on refining the Proactiv formula and focus more on how to package these products for commercial sale.

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