Can the Vegan Diet Cure Type II Diabetes?

diabetes Can the Vegan Diet Cure Type II Diabetes?

Can Vegan Diet turn back the Diabetes Clock?

The claim has been made by many dieticians that a vegan diet can cure Type II Diabetes. In some cases this can be true. While there can be some truth to this claim it typically all comes back to the old reliable, “diet and exercise” While curing Type II Diabetes may not be possible for everyone, it may certainly mitigate the side effects often associated with the condition.

These beneficial results are attributed to the fact that this diet help to maintain a healthy body weight. By maintaining a healthy body weight and maintaining tighter controls on blood sugar levels via stable caloric intakes, one can help the body become more responsive to insulin.

VeganDiet Post Can the Vegan Diet Cure Type II Diabetes?

Veggies to the Rescue!

  • Better Control of Blood Sugar Level – Since the staples of the vegan diet are increasing the intake of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, grains, and berries, individuals that strictly follow this diet have a much easier time maintaining blood sugar levels, due to this stability, many times the necessary medications can be reduced and even eliminated.
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease – Since a strict Vegan diet is cholesterol-free, low in saturated fats, and high in soluble fiber, the Vegan diet is one of the best heart healthy diets available. By helping increase heart health one can help stave off cardiovascular disease which is a common side effect of Type II Diabetes.
  • Healthier Body Weight or (BMI) – The Vegan diet is typically considerably lower on the caloric intake when compared to its non vegetarian counterpart.  Due to this difference most often a person that follows the Vegan lifestyle will typically have a lower BMI than someone that sticks with a non vegetarian alternative diet. By maintaining a healthy body weight it is much easier to keep blood sugar levels under control.

When thinking about going on a new diet it is always best to talk with a qualified dietitian, by doing so an individual can create a meal plan that works with their schedule, finances, and willingness to make changes in their lives. After the consultation it will be easier to make a decision if this diet is right for you or not.

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