Can the human body heal itself from anything?

the human body can heal itself Can the human body heal itself from anything?

Can the human body heal itself? At the very core of alternative medicine is the belief that the doctor should treat the patient not the disease. Yet another way to put this is that the modern medical community seem to be more focused on eliminating symptoms than they are interested in helping their patients achieve health. A healthy patient after all is not a patient that pays for treatment. By having all healthy patients a doctor makes very little money. Alternative medicine contrasts this approach by giving the human body what it needs to heal itself.

I recently heard an ad on the radio talking about how they have a new pill out that can target belly fat. This is just not true. You can not target belly fat. You can target fat in a generalized way and eventually the belly fat will start to go as well. The same holds true for any claims that a supplement may have or the claim that some food is a super food for your brain.

The old saying “The ankle bone is connected to the shin bone” really holds a great deal of value when dealing with alternative medicine. You can not eat a food that is horrible for your body yet is somehow good for your brain. Eating food that is good for your body must then have some benefit to your brain.

There is something to be said for the placebo effect however. This is not intended to preach on stopping taking supplements or about the cessation of eating super foods. Simply that our bodies are connected. You can not treat one part of the body and neglect others. This is what modern medicine attempts to do. In doing so through the use of medicine often times more problems are created.

Take a case in Seattle where a Grandmother was admitted with severe asthma. Because she was having an asthma the doctors put her on steroids. This caused her blood pressure to rise too high and give her vertigo. In order to treat this new ailment the doctors put her on a blood pressure medication. This now made her dizzy. While in the hospital hardly able to walk from the dizziness, her ankles swelled. The doctors put her on a water pill. This caused her potassium levels to bottom out. She was then prescribed potassium supplements. The doctor’s discovered that she was suffering from Osteoporosis so they started her on medication for that, which eventually caused gastric bleeding. The grandmother was quoted as saying “I came out sicker than I went in”

To be fair often times medicine is just what the doctor ordered. But just as often a medicine is prescribed to stop the side effects of another drug, which in turn causes a new side effect, and the cycle repeats.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the proper chance to do so.

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