Medical Qigong: Alternative Medicine’s Little Secret

medical qigong Medical Qigong: Alternative Medicines Little Secret

In the field of Alternative Medicine there are numerous different branches that have been found to be very effective. Many of these branches stem from traditional Chinese Medicine such as Tai Chi, Yoga, and Acupuncture.

There is another branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is starting to gain some traction in the US. Medical Qigong. The correct pronunciation is “chee-kung,” a direct translation of this phrase means, “energy of life”

Qigong has been practiced and studied in China for generations. This is practiced in China much in the same way that we practice Yoga in the US. The benefits are well known and people of all ages and skill levels practice Qigong in China today

One of the key differences is that in order for Qigong to be implemented properly a skilled and disciplined Qigong practitioner is at the center of every session. The training takes years to complete, they not only learn about anatomy and physiology, they also learn how to cultivate their own energy through years of practice.

Qigong is used to address many different health concerns. The elimination of physical and emotional stress, anxiety, and depression is one use for Qigong. However many patients have found relief from issues such as headaches, high blood pressure, and pain management. With this discipline the patient plays as much importance in the role as the practitioner. Relief may happen very quickly and have long lasting effects, or the process may take time in developing. A lot of this depends on the sensitivity of the patient, and the skill of the Qigong practitioner.

This little known technique may be available at reputable and licensed acupuncture specialists. Be sure to check around your city to find someone that is licensed and has taken enough clinical hours to be certified from a reputable educational body such as the International College of Medical Qigong.

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