Naturopathic doctors understand alternative medicine

Naturopathic doctors and alternative medicine

Every doctor or healer has some reason they got into the practice.  Some experienced trauma as a child while others saw a loved die and want to find a way to heal or help others that have suffered.  So goes the story with this practice.

Revolutions Natural Medicine of Folsom, voted the best in alternative medicine, uses science-based alternative therapies administered by medically trained doctors.

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Naturopathic Doctors and Alternative Medicine

“It’s treating the whole person: the mind, the body, the soul, the spirit,” said Dr. Anita M. Larrow, ND. “If you just focus on one you sort of miss the whole purpose of medicine, in my opinion. You’ve got to treat them all so that everything stays balanced, everything gets addressed, so we can be who we’re supposed to be in life.”Dr. Michele Raithel, ND, opened Revolutions in 2009 for that purpose.

Earlier, she had taken time off between her Bachelor’s degree and medical school to care for her mother, who was seriously ill.

“One year before my mother had a stroke,” Raithel said, “she said to me that a doctor told her that her case was too complicated and he didn’t have the time that he would need to help her. If I had known what I know now, I truly believe that my mother would still be alive.”

After Raithel started practice, she was so busy that she asked Larrow to join her. Around a year ago, Dr. Joel Morgan, ND, also came in.

The three doctors met at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, where they each received their doctor of naturopathy (ND) degree.

Raithel’s area of specialty is chronic disease, pain management, and detoxification, Larrow’s focus is on women’s medicine, including hormonal issues and menopause, and Morgan has a special needs child, which he says occasioned his focus on children with developmental-related disorders. He also works with adults with depression/anxiety and all things related to the gastrointestinal tract.

Larrow and Morgan also had their own reasons for what sparked their interest in naturopathic medicine.

Larrow had traveled around the world and seen many cultures, and how medicine could work in other places vs. how western medicine works. So when she saw a pamphlet about naturopathic medicine, she felt it called her.

Morgan received his undergraduate degree in nutrition and says he was hooked because of naturopathic medicine’s emphasis on the nutritional aspects of health.

What special value does naturopathic treatment bring to a patient?

“You have to respect the individual that’s coming to you and requesting a service and I think as a whole our health care system does a horrible job in that,” Morgan said. “People want more. People are dissatisfied.”

Larrow considers it vital to get to know patients.

“Also they know a little about who we are as people, vs. just … that ‘doctor’ personality,” she said.

Naturopathic doctors are trained medically to understand alternative medicine as well as conventional pharmaceutical drugs and to seek cause, prevention, and the body’s natural propensity to heal itself.


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