Safer Pain Management Without Risk of Addiction

You’ve heard of these drugs before……hydrocodone and oxycodone—to treat pain sometimes experienced from frequent migraine headaches. Mainy can be on a pain regimen involving the drugs Percocet and Demerol. But at what cost?  These drugs often lead down a path of pain killer addiction. What other options do you have?

theramine alternative pain treatment Safer Pain Management Without Risk of Addiction

Theramine – alternative pain treatment

You know we love featuring alternatives to your typical doctor and his trigger happy ability to prescribe NSAIDs & narcotics. We heard about a natural alternative called Theramine and decided to take a look for ourselves at how well it works. This alternative works for many with chronic pain. It has been deemed a “medical food” as its ingredients are natural and have medicinal properties. It’s ingredients include amino acids and other natural ingredients like cinnamon and grape seed extract. The compound works to relieve pain in two ways:

  • by inhibiting the communication of pain signals between nerves and the brain
  • by reducing inflammation

The claims of medical foods must be supported by clinical studies, unlike dietary supplements or nutraceuticals, which can’t make disease claims and don’t require clinical studies, he added. Through its cellular technology, theramine was created to focus on target precursors to neurotransmitters involved in pain and inflammation (acetylcholine, histamine, serotonin, D-serine, and nitric oxide). I know I would rather take something like this any day compared to a drug that I need a prescription for.  We believe this is a perfect alternative pain management to your prescription medication and you should try it out.

If you want to read the actual studies that review these claims take a look here:

A double-blind controlled trial of a single dose naproxen and an amino acid medical food Theramine for the treatment of low back pain.” William E. Shell MD, Elizabeth Charuvastra RN, Lawrence May MD, Debora H. Bullias BS CRA, David S. Silver MD. American Journal of Therapeutics (Volume 19); Published online: March 2012.

Theramine vs. Ibuprofen for the safe and effective management of chronic low back pain and Inflammation” William E. Shell MD, David S. Silver MD, Fred McCall-Perez PhD, Stephanie Pavlik CRA. The Karen Rieder Federal Nursing Poster Session in conjunction with the 118th Annual Meeting of AMSUS in Phoenix, Arizona. – for more information

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