Some Practioners of Alternative Medicine May Do More Harm Than Good

 Some Practioners of Alternative Medicine May Do More Harm Than GoodThere are many reasons why people turn away from traditional medicine. One reason is that Doctor’s tend to treat the disease not the patient. A doctor typically looks at a patient’s chart. Then comes in the room and spends 2 minutes with the patient, then hurries off to the next chart. It kind of gives you the feeling that you aren’t very important. As well in this day and age many doctor’s treat the symptoms of the disease rather than trying to find the reason the disease exists, then correcting this action. In many cases the disease may be caused by an unhealthy diet on the part of the patient. The doctor may say something like. You need to lose weight, right before scurrying along to the next chart and two minute session with a patient.

Additionally Big Pharma is a BIG industry. They are in charge of the majority of a doctor’s post medical school education. Be it by pamphlets of a new drug or an invitation to an expensive dinner that has a presentation done by a doctor that is paid by the pharmaceutical company to promote their drug.

So in a very real sense Big Pharma and the doctor’s are in collusion with each other just to make money. Which when coupled with the impersonality and clinical feel of the doctor’s office itself leads one to the conclusion that there must be a better way.

The caveat is that Alternative medicine itself is a $34 Billion Dollar a year industry. An industry which uses lawsuits, lobbyists and friendly legislators to leverage some powerful legislation to allow them to continue making money as easily as possible. On thing these lobbyist are fighting to avoid is the necessity for the FDA to approve supplements before they go to market. As it stands today the FDA is in a reactive roll. In order to remove a supplement from shelves, first numerous people must get ill or die before they can remove the harmful product from the shelves.

There are good doctor’s out there. There are good alternative medicine practitioners, and there are bad on each side as well. Many providers of the supplements put in modern medicine ingredients. Hundreds of different brands put in the active ingredient of Viagra or Vidox in their sexual treatment supplements. Wow they really work! Hundreds of different products use the active ingredients in leading traditional diet pills in their weight loss supplements, Wow they too are effective. And just because something comes from a  plant doesn’t mean it is safe. Many poisons are plant based. And nearly 1/3 of pharmaceuticals on the market today are plant based.

 Some Practioners of Alternative Medicine May Do More Harm Than GoodProbably the most famous case of misuse of alternative medicine comes in the case of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He was diagnosed with one of the only curable cases of Pancreatic cancer. The recovery rate when detected early as his was is close to 100% if swift action is taken. He weighed his options and chose acupuncture, and went on an all juice diet. 9 months later with a failing liver, he got a liver transplant and underwent the surgery. At this time his survival rate was down to less than 10%. He didn’t beat those odds.

So the question then is just what is the right approach? Modern Medicine or Alternative Medicine? If you choose to stand holistically on one side or the other and chastise the other for their glaring weaknesses, you are wrong. The answer is neither, and both. The truth is that we all have to take our health in our own hands. Look at the illness, then decide the best course. If you have a rare cancer that was detected early and the doctors tell you that you have a 95% chance of full recovery if you follow their advice. Those are pretty good odds, you might want to think about taking those. But if they tell you that even with treatment you have only a 14% chance, while your alternative medicine practitioner is saying that a diet of cabbage juice has shown improvement in cases like yours, then give it a shot. The most important thing is that you believe in the treatment that you choose. The mind is a powerful healing tool. Don’t choose one course or the other halfheartedly.

If a 300 pound individual is going to their PCP and complaining of skin puffiness, and fatigue, and the doctor gives them some pills, suggest they lose a little weight and sends them on their merry weigh to KFC. Well that individual isnt really concerned with their health so maybe the cream they got will clear that up for them in the short term. In this case some alternative treatments are in order for the patient for their long term continuing health. Take your own health into your own hands. Make informed decisions, use modern medicine to your full benefit, see it for the errors it has, use it for your own good, do the same with alternative medicine. Be holistic in your outlook on health and it will serve you well in the future.

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